An approachable single malt whisky crafted to be smooth and flavoursome in style…drink it the way you want, not the way you were told.


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Our Starward whiskies are a journey into a distinctively Australian spirit and the possibilities for New World whisky. Each whisky has the Starward stamp from our wine barrel maturation, yet each whisky differs and offers something new. From single malt to double grain, American or French oak influences or approachability and complexity. There's a whisky for every drinker.


Single Malt Australian Whisky
700ml 40% alc./vol


Single Malt Australian Whisky
700ml 41% alc./vol


Single Malt Australian Whisky
700ml 50% alc./vol

We're Proud to be judged

While the real gold is in the bottle, we're always thrilled to be recognised on the global stage amongst the world's best.

Limited Release:
Dolce Single Malt Whisky

Intriguing marshmallow and cola characters melding with the Starward stamp of red wine barrel maturation, it is an embodiment of the Italian word for sweet; Dolce.

This one's a stunning straight sipper, especially with a cheeseboard, after dinner or just as your dessert!


Award winners when tasted neat; enjoyed any way you like.

How we make award winning whiskies

Bringing together Australian barley and Australian red wine barrels (often still wet with wine from the winery!), our Starward whiskies are the epitome of a distinctly Australian spirit ... and just quietly, they're celebrated at every award show we enter.

How to Enjoy

We can do neat by the fireplace, but we're far more comfortable at the dinner table, most likely mixed. Have you seen our cocktail recipes and mixes? Guaranteed you'll find something there to make you fall deeper in love with Australian whisky and its versatility.

Whisky for a curious,
food-obsessed generation

We're made in Melbourne. Not the outback. Or a sunshine-soaked beach. Melbourne is the foodie capital of Australia, full of casual brilliance. Here, we ditch the airs and graces and focus on flavour instead.

That's why we use red wine barrels to mature our whisky. We source all our whisky ingredients from just a day's drive. Then, in the wildly varied Melbourne weather, our whisky draws out its signature fruity, delicious flavour in just three short years. We call this elemental maturation and it's why we couldn't make our whisky anywhere else


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