• Left Field

Left Field

Single Malt Whisky
700 mL / 40%

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Versatile, fruit-forward and a touch of spice.

Exclusively crafted for our European Starward loyalists, Left-Field is a fruit-forward and spicy, Australian single malt whisky that's been fully matured in French Oak, red wine barrels - All locally sourced within a day’s drive of our distillery in Melbourne, Australia. Left-Field is bursting with notes of tropical fruits, blackcurrant and of course, a hint of spice.


PALATE / Soft aromatics of tropical fruits, red apple skin, fresh blackberries and a touch of vanilla.

NOSE / Estery and bright tropical fruit character with a touch of blackcurrant and spice

FINISH / Delicate and fruit forward

Perfectly served, any way you like.

Whether it's stirred down in a (New) Old Fashioned or topped up with fizz for a refreshing highball, Left-Field takes whisky out of the dusty cabinet and into new horizons of enjoyment. This award-winning whisky is bursting with versatile fruit-forward notes, making it the perfect neat sipper, cocktail companion or food pairing.