Australian Whisky Distillery

It all began with a curious idea and a roll of the dice.

Starward founder, David Vitale, started off with a simple vision - to create a distinctly Australian whisky we could offer to the world. With the famed Australian wine region in our backyard, we tried something new and never looked back.

Two secret ingredients: red wine barrels and Melbourne's wild weather.

From the grains to the red wine barrels, we source all our ingredients from within a day's drive of our Port Melbourne distillery. Melbourne's notorious four seasons in one day is our secret weapon when it comes to maturing our whisky. The constant change in temperature makes our barrels contract and expand at a much faster rate. Meaning our whisky takes on all those delicious flavours from the wood.

We go further for flavour.

Moving beyond tradition is exactly where Starward lives, from how it's made, to how it's enjoyed. Our team of distillers, many ex-brewers and winemakers, are driven by flavour and you'll notice this with every outrageously delicious sip.

Two words to describe Melbourne? Casual brilliance.

Great food, wild weather and just a bit of grit.